Open-Source NLME modeling with newest NLMIXR now available through IQR Tools V0.9.1

IQR Tools is an R package that implements critical functionality for efficient modeling & simulation in QSP and Pharmacometrics.

We have just made the newest 0.9.1 version available for download. Main features added:

  • Run the most recent Open-Source NLME tool NLMIXR from a user friendly interface as you would run NONMEM or MONOLIX
  • Improved NCA functionality (arbitrary grouping of results)
  • Allowed MONOLIX 2018R2 to be run through IQR Tools – in addition to 2016R1 and 2018R1

Obtain IQR Tools from here!

Quotes from our ACoP9 Workshop participants:

  • This were the easiest and least cumbersome NONMEM runs ever!
  • It is great that you have made NLMIXR available in IQR Tools as I do not have NONMEM on all my computers!
  • This is better than PsN and in addition it is not limited to NONMEM but covers all current NLME tools of interest!
  • I have tried the NCA functionality in IQR Tools and it provides all what I typically use in Winnonlin – and it allows me to do all script based!