Data Protection

Basis: General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GPDR)

Data Protection Officer at IntiQuan

Dr. Henning Schmidt
Spalenring 150
4055 Basel

General data collection

The IntiQuan web page generally does not contain elements that allow a user to enter any personal or other information.

There can be certain elements on the page that do lead to storage of personal data. If this is the case, it is indicated clearly and you will have the option to opt-out from the data collection. An example for a possible data collection is when you sign up for one of our workshops. In this case we will ask from you the OK that we can store your name and email address so that we are able to send you needed workshop information etc.

Google Analytics

This web page does not use Google Analytics or another dedicated tracking tool.

Google Fonts

This web page does use Google Fonts that are downloaded from a Google Server.


This web page does not use cookies.

You can use a web based analysis tool to check the security and Cookie-use of our (and any other web page) for yourself:


There is no newsletter functionality available on our web page.

Website registration

Only the administrator of this web page is signed up and can log-in.

Social Media

Social Media sharing buttons have been disabled.

Contact Page & Emails

Contact with IntiQuan can be initiated through this web page by clicking on email links that will allow you to send us an email from your normal email program. If you do so please note that our email program will store you as a contact. Furthermore, if you do not send an email by secure means, third parties might be able to intercept its contents.

Your rights

You have at all points in time the possibility to let us know (by contacting the person mentioned above) that we should remove all stored information about you.