IntiQuan offers Comprehensive Clinical Pharmacology & Drug Development Services aimed at increasing the value of your asset

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High-quality, integrated pharmacometric consulting services and solutions supporting leveraging of your valuable data for decision making

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Integrating internal and external data to simulate “what-if” scenarios for better decision-making

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State-of-the-art solutions boosting quality of datasets, efficiency and reproducibility of analysis workflows

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Pharmacometric Modeling & Simulation

High-quality integrated pharmacometric modeling & simulation services, allowing client organizations to overcome a shortage of resources or expertise. IntiQuan can support your projects in all phases of drug development and help you leveraging your data for informed decision making.

Clinical Pharmacology Services

Clinical Pharmacology is the heart of clinical development, probing the drug actions/effects with drug/metabolite(s) concentrations achieved in the system. The early and complete understanding of Clinical Pharmacology aspects renders a successful design of the overall drug development package.

Drug Development Expertise

We aspire to be your ideal partner to enable seamless development of your nonclincal and/or clinical programs. We can help in transitioning of your asset to the next decision step by supporting design, study conduct, and data interpretation of a single study or multiple studies.

Regulatory Advice & Interactions

Our Regulatory Advice begins with laying out a clear strategy and framework to ensure the program meets the requirements of the Regulatory Agencies. We can provide guidance with respect to the FDA expectations and tease out issue(s) of criticality from the FDA perspective.

Our Services

Pharmacometric Services

We can support your project with fit-for-purpose analyses that leverage your data for informed decision making and/or important regulatory interactions
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Strategic Services

Comprehensive services in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development, ADME/DMPK, and Regulatory Advice & Interactions aimed at increasing the value of your asset
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PBPK Modeling through esqLABS

Our strategic partner esqLABS is a Biosimulation CRO for PBPK-based analyses to support Formulation Development, evaluation of Drug-Drug Interactions, Pediatric and Geriatric Extrapolation Plans, and Organ-impairment Studies.
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Workflow Solutions

We develop and provide powerful and user-friendly computational tools and workflow solutions that support high efficiency & quality, low inter-analyst variability, and 100% reproducibility at any time
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IQ Desktop - Computation without Borders

Qualified Virtual Modeling & Simulation Environment. All relevant M&S Software installed. Careful matching of versions. Easily deployable. Easily versioned. 100% reproducible analyses at any point in time. Minimal IT admin effort. Local, server, cluster, and cloud based deployment on any operating system! [Read More]

IQR Tools - Modeling & Simulation in R

Our state-of-the-art R-based environment empowers you to efficiently perform PK / PD analyses without the need to be an expert in a particular parameter estimation tools (e.g. NONMEM or MONOLIX). Just focus on the question to address and let IQR Tools to the tedious stuff for you. [Read More]

IQ NCA - Noncompartmental Analysis in R

Computes NCA PK parameters. Imports CDISC SDTM or ADaM datasets. Supports generation of submission ready Word reports. No clicks required. Userfriendly workflow. Validated and also against Winnonlin, showing same results. [Read More]

IQ Report - Reporting in Word

IQ Report allows writing of reports in a powerful extended markdown language. The final Word documents can match any desired corporate Word style through the use of customized reporting templates. Are you still copy/pasting your analysis results into Word? Then you might to have a look into IQ Report! [Read More]

Let’s explore how we can be helpful to You
Case Studies

Reproducible Analyses

Computation without Borders and Reproducible Analyses: IQ Desktop

R based PK/PD modeling workflow

We helped a client leverage the power of open-source modeling tools for internal modeling and simulation tasks

Health Economics in R

Advanced Modeling and Simulation approaches, aiming at demonstrating the value of new drugs

Population QSP Modeling

Leverage your clinical data to better inform drug development!

Phase IIb Design

Confident transition to full development

Animal to human PK translation

Informed FIH dose selection

Label Extension
[505(b)(2) Strategy]

More flexible SC dosing regimen desired

Therapeutic Window Determination

Or how to turn a Phase 2 a dose selection into an early NoGo decision

Submission Support – PK & PK/PD

High Quality, Efficiency & Compliance