IQR Tools

Efficient State-of-the-Art Modeling across Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology – in R!

IQR Tools supports and increases the efficiency, quality, and compliance of model-based analyses in pharmacometrics, systems pharmacology, and systems biology by incorporating and extending the capabilities of existing tools. The user-friendliness of the package considerably lowers the threshold for the conduct of pharmacometric analyses, which also makes it useful both for complex analyses and for educational purposes.


Increased demand for support of model-based pharmacometric and systems pharmacology analyses requires tools that meet requirements regarding user-friendliness, flexibility, efficiency, compliance, and state of the art methodology. However, there is arguably no current single tool that fulfills all these requirements.

IQRtools has been developed as a software package for the well-established and free statistical software environment R. Guiding principles for the implementation have been user-friendliness, flexibility, extensibility, and compliance.

IQRtools enables a seamless access to available pharmacometric parameter estimation tools, such as NONMEM, MONOLIX, and NLMIXR. In addition it provides a very stable and powerful estimation method for systems pharmacology type of modeling. It further enables a straight forward transition from mechanistic systems pharmacology to descriptive pharmacometric models, efficiently supports reproducibility and compliance, and supports automatic reporting of results in Microsoft Word.


  • Supported R Versions: 3.3.0 -> 3.4.3
  • Microsoft Open R can be used but will not allow to run NLMIXR
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Package dependencies need to be installed from the Microsoft Time machine, from the repository snapshot appropriate to your version of R. The provided installer (see below) takes care of that!


Please download the “IQRtools_Documentation.pdf” file from the right panel. It will guide you through the installation process and provide some additional documentation.

Release Notes


The newest version of IQRtools as installed above comes as a fully functional version, right out of the box. After a certain period IQRtools will ask for an activation key. To obtain this activation key, please email your username to “”. Activation and use of IQRtools is free for:

  • Academic users
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • IntiQuan clients

Other users can ask for a quote at “”.


By downloading IQR Tools you agree to have understood that the downloaded software comes without any warranty.

Installation Guide & Documentation


Shiny App for Systems Pharmacology Modeling (see more info here):