All IntiQuan team members are highly committed towards supporting our clients in the efficient development of innovative medicines from tomorrow. Team members have an excellent technical, mathematical, statistical, modeling, and analytical capability. At the same time IntiQuan team members combine many years of experience in the model based support of drug development projects, and do have the communication skills that are needed to enable non-technical teams a detailed understanding of provided results.

Henning Schmidt, PhD

Managing Director and Senior Consultant

Tel: +41 76 603 28 06

Short CV

Henning Schmidt is an expert for Model Based Drug Development with over thirteen years of industry experience. His experience ranges from target validation in the early phases of drug discovery to study design for post marketing commitments.

During the last years, he has provided decision-making support to drug discovery and development teams in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, dermatology, immunology, respiratory, bone and muscle wasting diseases. This has led to several go/no-go decisions on the progression of novel drugs through their development cycle and successful registrations.

Henning Schmidt greatly enjoys working in all stages of drug discovery and development, supporting project teams through integrative quantitative analyses, targeting informed decision making. He also focuses on development and implementation of novel and creative quantitative pharmacology and pharmacometric approaches.

Henning Schmidt received undergraduate education at Darmstadt University and SUPELEC in Paris. He obtained his PhD in Control Theory and Systems Biology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.


Journal Articles

Schmidt, H., Radivojevic, A. (2014) Enhancing population pharmacokinetic (popPK) modeling efficiency using an integrated workflow, Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, invited paper, 41(4)

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Book Chapters

Nedbal, N., Červený, J., Schmidt, H. (2009) Scaling and Integration of Kinetic Models of C3 Photosynthesis: Towards Comprehensive E-Photosynthesis, book chapter, Photosynthesis in silico, Springer

Ericsson, A., Mojzita, D., Schmidt, H., Hohmann, S. (2008) Case study in systematic modelling: Thiamine uptake in Yeast S. cerevisiae, book chapter, Essays in Biochemistry – Systems Biology, Portland Press

Conference posters

Moorthy, G., et al. (2018) Population Pharmacokinetic Model of AZD8186, a Potent and Selective Inhibitor of PI3Kβδ, in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors, ASCPT 2018 Annual Meeting, Orlando, USA

Kümmel, A., Sunnåker, M., Kaschek, D., Schmidt, H. (2017) Manage your data comfortably: Data programming and analysis using R, Eight American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP), Fort Lauderdale, USA

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Anne Kümmel, PhD

Senior Consultant

Tel: +41 76 345 1807

Short CV

Anne Kümmel is an experienced professional in supporting pharmaceutical research with quantitative analyses and modeling. In the last six years she contributed to projects at different stages of drug development ranging from preclinical assessments of candidates, translational modeling, and PK/PD modeling in Phase 1 to Phase 3 to pediatric dose selection.

With a solution-oriented mindset Anne enjoys creatively applying most suitable modeling and simulation approaches. She is proficient in mechanistic as well as NLME modeling and has a sound knowledge in PBPK. She has a strong interest in graphical visualization to facilitate modeling results to biologist and clinicians.

After her graduation from the RWTH Aachen as biochemical engineer, Anne obtained her PhD at ETH Zurich at the Bioprocess Laboratory and the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology. With a post-doctoral project at the Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research she entered pharmaceutical research.


Selected peer-reviewed Articles

Kümmel A., Selzer P., Siebert D., Schmidt I., Reinhard J., Götte M, Ibig-Rehm Y., Parker C. N., Gabriel D. Differentiation and visualization of diverse cellular phenotypic responses in primary high-content screening Journal of Biomolecular Screening 16(3): 338-347 2012

Kümmel A., Ewald J. C., Fendt S.-M., Jol S., Picotti P., Aebersold R., Sauer U., Zamboni N., Heinemann M. Differential glucose repression in common yeast strains in response to a HXK2 deletion. FEMS Yeast Research 10(3): 322-32, 2010

Kümmel A., Beibel M., Gehin P., Gubler H., Gabriel D., Parker C. N. Integration of multiple readouts into the Z’ factor for assay quality control Journal of Biomolecular Screening 15(1): 95-101, 2010.

Kümmel A., Panke S., Heinemann M. Systematic assignment of thermodynamic constraints in metabolic network models BMC Bioinformatics 7:512, 2006

Kümmel A., Panke S., Heinemann M. Putative regulatory sites unraveled by network-embedded thermodynamic analysis of metabolome data Molecular Systems Biology 2, 2006, doi:10.1038/msb4100074

Book chapters

Lowe P. J., Kümmel A., Vasalou C., Matsushima S., Skerjanec A. Integrated quantitation of drug-target binding, biomarkers and clinical response to support rational dose regimen selection. in ADME and translational pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of therapeutic proteins: Applications in drug discovery and development. Zhou, H., Theil F.-P. Eds., John Wiley & Sons Inc.: Hoboken, New Jersey, 2015

Kümmel A., Parker C. N. The interweaving of cheminformatics and high-throughput screening in Cheminformatics and Computational Chemical Biology, Bajorath J. Ed., Humana Press/Springer: Totowa, N. J., 2010

Selected Poster and Oral Presentations at Conferences

Kümmel A., Abuhelwa A., Krause A. Try yourself! Making clinical teams explore dose response relationships in R Shiny Oral presentation @ 12th Basel M&S seminar, Basel, Switzerland, 19-20/09/2016

Kümmel A., Abuhelwa A., Krause A. PECAN, a Shiny application for calculating confidence intervals and prediction intervals for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models Poster presentation @ 25th PAGE meeting, Lisboa, Portugal, 07-10/06/2016

Kümmel A., Lowe P. Mechanism-based population PK modeling describing pharmacological effects from dose to clinical response enables mechanistics insights and projections beyond the studied treatment Poster presentation @ 7th Noordwijkerhout Symposium on Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Systems Pharmacology, Noordwijk, Netherlands, 23-25/04/2014

Daniel Kaschek, PhD


Short CV

Daniel Kaschek is an experienced modeler working in the field of Systems Biology and Computational Biology since 2008. Over the past years, he has actively worked on the developed of novel mathematical and statistical approaches to data analysis and parameter estimation in ordinary differential equations with applications in Systems Biology and Systems Pharmacology. He is an enthusiast R package developer, authoring several packages on Data Preprocessing and Dynamic Modeling.

Daniel has a background in Physics and specialized on Mathematical Physics at the University of Freiburg, Germany. For his PhD he changed field and started his research in Systems Biology and Data Analysis at the Physics department in Freiburg. During his PhD he covered a broad range of biological applications, e.g., in Immunology, Cancer Research or Drug-Induced Liver Injury, developing and applying diverse mathematical methods related to statistical inference, optimal control and identifiability analysis.

After his PhD, he became leader of the subgroup “Physical Methods in Systems Biology” where he worked with his team on the translation of concepts from theoretical physics to applications in Systems Biology. He joined our IntiQuan team in October 2017.


Selected publications:

Kaschek, D.; Sharanek, A.; Guillouzo, A.; Timmer, J. & Weaver, R. J., A dynamic mathematical model of bile acid clearance in HepaRG cells, Toxicological Sciences, Oxford University Press, 2017

Rosenblatt, M.; Timmer, J. & Kaschek, D, Customized steady-state constraints for parameter estimation in non-linear ordinary differential equation models, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Frontiers Media SA, 2016

Maiwald, T.; Hass, H.; Steiert, B.; Vanlier, J.; Engesser, R.; Raue, A.; Kipkeew, F.; Bock, H. H.; Kaschek, D.; Kreutz, C. & Timmer, J., Driving the model to its limit: profile likelihood based model reduction PloS ONE, Public Library of Science, 2016

Kaschek, D.; Mader, W.; Fehling-Kaschek, M.; Rosenblatt, M. & Timmer, J., Dynamic Modeling, Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis in R, bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Labs Journals, 2016

Hass, H.; Kreutz, C.; Timmer, J. & Kaschek, D., Fast integration-based prediction bands for ordinary differential equation models, Bioinformatics, Oxford Univ Press, 2016

Kaschek, D.; Henjes, F.; Hasmann, M.; Korf, U. & Timmer, J., Testing the pattern of AKT activation by variational parameter estimation, IEEE Life Science Letters, 2016

Kaschek, D. & Timmer, J., A unified approach to integration and optimization of parametric ordinary differential equations, Springer, 2015

Merkt, B.; Timmer, J. & Kaschek, D., Higher-order Lie symmetries in identifiability and predictability analysis of dynamic models, Physical Review E, APS, 2015

Raue, A.; Schilling, M.; Bachmann, J.; Matteson, A.; Schelke, M.; Kaschek, D.; Hug, S.; Kreutz, C.; Harms, B. D.; Theis, F. J. & others, Lessons learned from quantitative dynamical modeling in systems biology, PloS One, Public Library of Science, 2013

Fiala, G. J.; Kaschek, D.; Blumenthal, B.; Reth, M.; Timmer, J. & Schamel, W. W., Pre-clustering of the B cell antigen receptor demonstrated by mathematically extended electron microscopy, Frontiers in Immunology, Frontiers Media SA, 2013

Kreutz, C.; Raue, A.; Kaschek, D. & Timmer, J., Profile likelihood in systems biology, FEBS Journal, Wiley Online Library, 2013

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Pfeifer, A. C.; Kaschek, D.; Bachmann, J.; Klingmüller, U. & Timmer, J., Model-based extension of high-throughput to high-content data, BMC Systems Biology, BioMed Central Ltd, 2010

Andrijana Radivojevic, PhD

Corporate Strategy & Business Development (External)

Short CV

Andrijana has years of international experience in biotech and big pharma. She has contributed to programs in all phases of drug development, spanning various therapeutic areas and pharmacometric activities. Additional to her master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and doctorate degree in Systems Biology, she is a certified Executive Coach. She is currently leading an industry-wide effort for Data Standards in Pharmacometrics, sponsored by ISoP’s Best Practices and Standards Committee and aiming towards an improved quality and efficiency for data preparation.

She is working as an independent consultant, focusing on business development for scientific companies and personal & professional growth for their great scientists.

Willi Weber, MD, PhD, Privatdozent

Senior Medical Advisor

Short CV

1974–1978 Ph.D.(Dr. rer.nat.), Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Technological University , Berlin.
1980–1988 MD (Dr. med.), Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinic of the Free University, Berlin.
1980–1992 Facharzt für Klinische Pharmakologie (Specialist for Clinical pharmacology), Free University, Berlin.
Clinical pharmacology phase I, population PK/PD, drug monitoring in adults and in neonates.
1988–1993 Privatdozent für Klinische Pharmakologie, Clinic of the Free University, Berlin.
1992–2010 Senior advisor, Sanofi, Frankfurt
Clinical pharmacology phase I – IV, population PK/PD in the treatment of inflammations, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.