Population PK/PD modeling in R

WCoP2020 Workshop on Population PKPD Modeling in R

On Monday, April 6, 2020, IntiQuan will present a full day hands-on workshop on PKPD/NLME modeling workflow from data exploration, parameter estimation, and reporting in the R environment using our IQR Tools R package. After the workshop, the participants will be able to set up their own PKPD/NLME workflow using IQR Tools to: explore the modeling dataset, perform parameter estimation in supported NLME tools, and evaluate parameter estimation results. Furthermore, participants will be able to generate a short report in Microsoft Word directly from the results generated in R.

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Advanced QSP Modeling – From Clinical Data to Virtual Subjects, Cohorts, and Populations

COVID-19 Update: QSPC2020 Workshop replaced by Free Webinar

Special emphasis is put on the estimation of individual parameters based on clinical data, allowing to determine Virtual Subjects, Cohorts, and Populations in an estimation-based approach that is suitable even for large scale models and a large number of patients in the considered data. The ability to estimate such individual level parameters in QSP models has the potential to open up advances in diagnostics through the use of advanced statistical methods.

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