Quality at IntiQuan is not only the integral part of our scientific and business conduct – it is one of our core principles and expertise. Our corporate principles fuel all our actions towards delivering cutting-edge consulting services that are scientifically correct, highly efficient, compliant, and preferred by our Clients.

We implement our Quality Policy through the application of our IntiQuan Quality Management System, which is available for review by potential clients on request. Our Quality Management System covers topics such as:

  • Secure data handling
  • Thorough Quality Assurance and Quality Check processes at all stages of an analysis
  • Validated computer system and computational tools
  • Fully traceable and reproducible, audit trailed, script based analyses
  • Full compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Internal scientific reviews
  • Continuous training of associates

Even though each project we work on can be considered unique, many of the components of the analyses that are conducted are very similar. This allows us to use highly efficient standardized approaches in many cases. For our clients it means that IntiQuan can meet also very tight timelines with high quality on every project.

Our Approach

We provide an integrative and quantitative view of available knowledge and current status of a drug development project to support development of a compound and facilitate the decision making process on dose selection.