Version 1.2.1 of IQM Tools available for download

A new public version of IQM Tools is available for download. Please refer to the IQM Tools website for more information.

Version history (note that the previously public available version was V1.0).

Version 1.2.1 (30.04.2016)
– Minor big fixes

Version 1.2 (13.04.2016)
– Allow non-numeric lag time definitions in IQMdosing schemes
– Ensured compatibility with MONOLIX 4.3.3
– Ensured better compatibility with Mac computers
– Added “bubble plots” function to allow for correlation assesment of categorical variables
– Added loess/lowess/etc. smoother

Version 1.1 (10.02.2016)
– Minor bug fixes
– Update of IQMdosing to fix automatically the length of the parameter field
– Added functionality in dosing scenarios to allow estimation of 0th order absorption time

Version 1.0 (09.11.2015)
– First full release of IQM Lite – the follow-up of SBPOP and SBTOOLBOX2
– Many improvements with respect to SBPOP (stability, usability, documentation, functionality)
– Where SBPOP used the “dataset” type, IQM Tools uses the “table” type
– IQM Tools does not require the presence of the stats toolbox
– Parallel computation is used in several functions if the parallel toolbox is available
– Recommended use of MATLAB >= R2015b (>=R2013B is required)
– Removed support of SBML Level 1
– Added support of SBML Level 2, Version 2,3, and 4
– Implemented “compliance mode” for time and information stamps on figures, tables, text