Reproducible Research and Efficient Reporting in Microsoft Word has become a reality: IQReport


In many scientific and technical environments reports need to be written. Often a large number of figures, tables, text files, in-line text, and numerical values need to be added. Reporting is often complicated by the corporate requirement to use Word as software for report writing, leading to scientists having to copy and paste figures and results manually in a very time consuming and error-prone process. And often the source data changes in the last moment and analysis + reporting need to be repeated …


The goal of this work was to develop a seamless and user-friendly tool that allows to write reports in a powerful markup language and to allow for generation of well-formatted Microsoft Word documents. Flexibility in terms of styles used in Word was a major requirement, as different users require their reports with different fonts, font-sizes, table formatting, page layouts, etc.


IQReport tremendously speeds up the report writing process. It has a very shallow learning curve and a user-friendly interface. Previous approaches to automatic reporting focused on LaTeX and PDF documents, having the drawback that corporate environments typically require Microsoft Word. Due to the separation of the approach into 1) generation of results and 2) report generation, IQReport is independent of a users preference for tools that generate the results. R and MATLAB are fully supported at the moment. Next considered steps for development of IQReport are the handling of specific corporate formatting requirements, such as NovStyle or GEL and optimization of the HTML conversion.

More Information

Please refer to the IQReport pages on the IntiQuan website for more information.