Introductory course in “Modeling & Simulation in the Pharma Industry” at the ETH Zürich – Spring 2016

The goal of pharmacometric modeling and simulation in the pharmaceutical industry is to provide an integrative and quantitative view of available knowledge and current status of a drug development project to support development of a compound and facilitate the decision making process on dose selection.


This course gives an introduction to drug development and its support through quantitative approaches. A large part of the course will provide the participants with hands-on exercises, allowing to get a feeling for the type of data, models, and simulations that are typically used in this area. Realistic examples of projects and their support will be provided and discussed.

At the conclusion of this course the participants will have obtained an increased understanding of the drug development process and how models (more specifically, non-linear-mixed-effect models) can be used to better inform the decision making process.

Lecturer Henning Schmidt, PhD
Intended Audience PhD students and post-doctoral researchers at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering of the ETH Zürich with a background in computational methods and mathematical modeling and the interest to learn a little bit more about modeling and simulation in the Pharma Industry.
Format Bi-weekly 2 hour sessions, including lectures and hands-on exercises.
Requirements For the hands-on part of the course the participants should have access to a laptop with a MATLAB installation. Windows, MAC, and Linux operating system. No additional MATLAB toolbox is required, however, the availability of the parallel toolbox for MATLAB would be beneficial.

Planned Course Agenda

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