“IQM Tools” – the new SBTOOLBOX2 & SBPOP – Release of V1.0

The IQM Suite of Tools from now on replaces SBPOP/SBTOOLBOX2. This change was needed to reflect the fact that the tools have a much wider scope then Systems Biology (“SB”) and a reorganization of the code was overdue.

Main changes:

  • First full release of IQM Tools as the follow-up of SBTOOLBOX2/SBPD/SBPOP
  • Many improvements with respect to SBPOP (stability, usability, documentation, functionality)
  • Fully independent of any commercial MATLAB toolbox (although the parallel toolbox is useful for pharmacometric applications)
  • Recommended use of MATLAB >= R2015b (>=R2013B is required)
  • Removed support of SBML Level 1
  • Added support of SBML Level 2, Version 2,3, and 4
  • Implemented “compliance mode” for time and information stamps on figures, tables, text
  • Pre Monolix 4.3.2 not supported anymore
  • Support for NONMEM >= 7.2
  • Improved support for pharmacometric work with a new general dataset format
  • Many new tutorials available from the www.intiquan.com website, documenting the use of IQM Tools Pro for pharmacometric work

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